Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day 6 - Second Day of the Road Trip Loch Ness

Let's get ready to go from City Wharf Apartments, Aberdeen.
Pumping expensive fuel in UK, hehehe.
A place called Tomintoul where we stopped to call for nature.
Two whiskie lovers visiting a distillery.
Bye bye Glenlivet & Thank you for hospitality.
A brief sightseeing at Glenmore Forest Park.

Here I am, where are you Nessies....
At least we got to see this statue of Nessie.
This is our home for the night at The Cottage, Fort Augustus.
Fort Augustus is an old fort at the end of the Loch Ness and it is a beautiful town, I wish I can stay here longer.
The Lock Inn, a nice pub and place for food as recommended by our Land Lady.
We like the beers in Scotland.
Haddock & Chips
Home made steak pie
Islay Prawn Salad.
Chicken Alba with a layer of haggis beneath
Butcher's steak burger
Okney Platter a selection of cured seafood served salad, butter & bread.

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