Monday, July 25, 2011

Day 8 - Bye Bye Edinburgh Here We Come Paris

A taxi to the railway station to ferry those luggage while some of us walked to the station.
Edinburgh Waverly Station. Khek Yong has to leave us and will head for Congo for work.
Ticket to board East Coast Train to London.
Some of the scenery during the train ride.
On a Eurostar Train from St. Pancas Station, London to Paris.
Food for survival on the train.
At last we reached Paris.
The underground train of Paris, I had a nightmare here and it was scary.
Not the city I wanted to come. My first impression was bad.

Le Regent Hostel @ Montmantre, Paris.
100 Euro Dollar per night

At the neighbourhood of Montmantre, a bustling filled with visitors and shops.
Bought some food stuff for dinner at a nearby market called Carrefour.
That was dinner for two of us.
At last the depression has vanished and I accepted Paris.

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