Monday, October 03, 2011

A Day for a Birthday Golf with Leong Kam Fai & Foong Kea Mun

This is our mid score folks if you bother to know.
A beautiful day with a perfect weather at Kelab Rahman Putra Malaysia.

An excellent day for 2 birthday boys.

Birthday Boy No.1 Leong Kam Fai golfer cum Grandapa.
another granddaddy, Siew Wah on the fairway.

Kam Fai had a good round of golf.

Birthday Boy No.2 Foong Kea Mun aka Old Man Foong also a grandfather.

Old Man Foong gives me 8 strokes, that is how good he is and a serious golfer.

The birthday boys gave us a sumptuous treat at Jeff Lee Kitchen @ Sg. Buloh New Village. This place is always packed with people especially during the weekends.
Wan Tan Spinach - I tell you it's so good leh...
Steamed "Sek Pan" fish head another great dish it was fresh and well steamed.
The signature noodle of Jeff Lee. Recommended for first timer.
Lala clams soup. Thought the clams were small but tasty.
Mongolian pork ribs.
Actually this was the first dish, cold paku veggie salad..... extremely delicious ... crunchy and not sappy . I like it very much.
German Knuckle with crispy skin and the meat & tendon were very enticing.
Chee Chap Chok - a popular Porridge at Jeff Lee Kitchen
a happy meal for a happy birthday occassion
Now comes the complicated dish, got to wear disposal glove.
You are supposed to eat like those people during Robin Hood's time, just rip the chicken and bite the meat.
Golden and shining skin and the chicken meat is gorgeous.
Some people just love this part...... We had a good time at Jeff Lee Kitchen. The food is good and no wonder people just do not mind to wait for their food.
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Jeff Lee’s Kitchen
Lot 4133, Jalan Perkhidmatan,
Kg. Baru Sg. Buloh,
GPS : 3.197378,101.569306

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