Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy Deepavali Game @ SIGC (Seremban International Golf Club)

It's Deepavali Day and I was invited to play golf in Seremban. I was thrilled to play at SIGC coz it was my first time at this golf course.
Apparently it is the oldest golf course in Seremban, patronised by "Ang Moh" back in the colonial time.
An interesting Par 3 at the second hole.
There were many walking golfers playing at the second nine and really many of them during this festive day of lights.
The queue was long and patiently waiting for their turn to play.
The man whom is responsible in the development of Seremban.
We had the privilege to play with him in this small Deepavali game.
This Haji was one of the four winner, btw YDP won too.
The 3rd winner.
This left handed golfer was the 4th winner.
The youngest golfer at the age of 11 playing with the group and he is Lokman Junior.
The organiser of this mini competition, Haji Lokman was in my flight together with Haji Lal & Dato Ng.
Matured trees in an interesting layout. I like it though I blow a few holes .... and that's golf leh.
The weather was absolutely beautiful in the morning but after we finished our game and while having our lunch at the club house it started to pour. Thank goodness we played in the morning.
Happy Deepavali to all my Hindu friends and happy holiday to the rest of the world.
 Seremban International Golf Club ( SIGC )

3 1/4 Miles, Kuala Pilah Road,
PO Box 88,
Negeri Sembilan

06 - 677 5787 / 5277

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