Friday, October 07, 2011

Dinner with our Good Neighbour (Ungs') @ SKH Riverview Kuala Ampang

When people talk about Kuala Ampang for food we always think of Mei Keng Fatt & other seafood restaurants at Kuala Ampang but SKH Riverview is not sited among these shops and have a separate entrance from MRR2 (2 more turning on the left). It is located among residential houses with ample car parking.
Brightly lit with high & well ventilated attap roof structure. The crowd was encouraging.
Crabs done with salted eggs was the last dish and was delicious with wonderful fragrant of salted egg and fresh taste of crab meat.
Fried tofu cubes were a favourite among the the children.
Braised pork knuckles in clay pot was another lovely indulgence of good & sinful food.
Something friendly for the young ones, a steamed egg dish & a sweet & sour pork. They just love them and absolutely no mistake about these orders.
We ordered two type of tilapia fish dishes, this one in a claypot. It was so good and was finished within seconds. Ung had to order another one anyway the fish was small not enough to share.
Deep fried Tilapia fish in a fish tub awaiting for a sourish shower of a tasty soup. The soup was fantastic!!!
Kai Lan with strong belacan flavour & distinguish taste of dried shrimps in a super fuming hot clay pot and it was super fuming delicious.
Young ones start with same colour but non alcohol. Cheer boys...
Beautiful girl... introducing little Krystal 

Aunty & Ung my good neighbours. Once a while we dine together & let us keep this good spirit up.

SKH River View Seafood Village

6 & 8 Lorong Embun 2
Kuala Ampang
Ulu Kelang, Kuala Lumpur 54200
Tel: 016-6831111, 012-931 8566 or 03-4252 3166
GPS : 3.169566,101.752664


Somewhere in Singapore said...

The crabs makes me drooling...

Sin Tai Lim said...

Somewhere in Singapore - the crabs were absolutely delicious lah....

Mr PT said...

I have a terrible experience with this same restaurant.

On 05 November 2011 night I went to the restaurant with my wife, father and auntie. We ordered a ordinary food - Clay pot tau foo, clay pot salty fish with pork, green veggies, 2 coconout drink,
1 stout(Small) ,a cold chinese tea and a bottle of Ribena. The nuts also included.

I feel like cheated and complained about the clay-pot salty fish with pork having 60% Onion rather than pork meat.

The tau foo is just enough for 3 to 4 person. We also waited almost 1 hour for the food to come and another 15 minutes for the small plate of green veggies, just plain vegetables.

Just look at the bill here

You will find very expensive and not worth eating here. Besides the food we ordered is just normal and ordinary not dragon prawn or shark fin. How can this happen to us, having to pay RM87.10 for a simple dinner with my family.

Better I got to zap-fun stall, I bet would be below RM50.00

Mr PT said...

Just go to my link, you will see my bill.

My bill