Monday, October 17, 2011

Food Hunting in Kulim for Breakfast

We wanted to eat the old market "Koay Chap" for breakfast, Mr. Neng using a short cut to the place.
My father in-laws in a jovial mood and looking forward for the "Koay Chap".

We were disappointed, the "Koay Chap" stall is closed on Thursday and had to walk back for alternative plan.
Medan Makanan & Minuman Ria at Jalan Mederka, Kulim was the alternative choice for breakfast.
This stall seems to be the most popular stall in this food court, we tried his curry noodle & prawn mee.
Mr.Neng enlighten us with some updates while we eat.....
"Chee Chap soup" consisting of hum choy, meat balls, blood cubes and all kind of innards.
Kon Loh Koay Teow with minced meat which came together with selected Yong Tau Foo.
The selected Yong Tau Foo by Jo.
Mr. Neng my relative cum ex-secondary school teacher's choice for breakfast. A plain Wan Tan noodle for a healthier indulgence.
Buy one free half Yau Cha Kwai which astonished my wife with such an offer. She just wanted one and not one and the half.....
Some braised chicken feet, pork knuckle and pig intestines for sharing.
This Curry Mee got mint leaves,
Mine came without mint leaves. Anyway this Kulim curry noodle version made out of chicken, blood cubes, long beans, bean spouts and tau pok.
Kulim Prawn Mee for Guat Teng, her comment was okay okay only and nothing like the prawn mee in Penang.

Medan Makanan & Minuman Ria
Jalan Mederka
GPS : 5.371269,100.553728

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foodbin said...

have not been to Kulim for a long time-quite a varieties of good food.

Sin Tai Lim said...

Kulim is fast changing at times I am lost there hehehe