Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Breakfast at Sri Hartamas Food Court

I like Mak Cik’s freshly cooked nasi Melayu at the 2nd last stall of this food court. You will see old portraits of Malay film stars hanging on the wall at the last stall (selling kuah muah & goreng stuffs). This court is situated at Jalan Hartamas 1 and a popular place for all kind of people such as taxi drivers, office workers, technicians, etc etc. It was so popular that I had to park my car a distant away from the food court.
There first stall is popular among taxi drivers and it sells nasi lemak, nasi ayam & nasi campur.
This warm rice with a fresh curry fish, a hardboiled egg, poached lady fingers & cauliflower and a dose of sambal belacan was heaven in the morning. And it costs me only RM5.00 including a glass of plain warm water probably because a smile of a familiar face that got a deal good. Terima Kasih Mak Cik. Saya akan datang lagi.
Food Court
Jalan Sri Hartamas 1
GPS : 3.158953,101.650467

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