Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Return of Tan Kee Prawn Mee of Setapak

The forgotten shop.
Many have wondered what has actually happened to the famous Tan Kee Prawn Mee at Setapak. For nearly a year I have been craving for this particular prawn mee since the shop closed. I miss the steaming hot taste of Tan Kee prawn mee & at times I scald my mouth when eating this delicious noodle. I also miss the nice aroma of this marvel.
Early November 2011 an Elizabeth commented at one of my posting on prawn mee and informed that Tan Kee prawn mee is back. I was elated and wanted to check it out as soon as possible.

Apparently it's the daughter of Tan Kee who is selling the prawn mee and is upholding their trade name "Tan Kee". Isn't it wonderful and I am sure the late Tan Kee would be proud of her. Unfortunately, the taste was not as good as the original one along Jalan Pahang and the aroma isn't as strong too. I am glad to be able to savour this prawn mee again though not exactly like her parent's but such noodle is still in existence.

Tan Kee Prawn Mee
Restoran AHC
Jalan 2/23F
Off Jalan Langkawi

GPS : N03 11.986 E101 42.581

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Desmond Wong said...

Tan Kee is no longer there. Tis could be the new location. Check it out!!

tailim sin said...

Thanks for the update.

Sin TL