Monday, November 21, 2011

Perkahwinan Puteri Bongsu Zakaria Hussin @ Malaysia Agro Exposition Park

This is one wedding card that is creative and special. The wedding of my neighbour's daughter Nor Azira Zakaria. There are many weddings during this time of the year both Chinese wedding and Malay wedding. I  guess it is the best time to get marry.
Within MARDI itself there were several weddings and to find the place can be challenging, it was kinda of a treasure hunt.
Congratulation to Zakaria Hussin & Puan Noor Aziah Zainudin for this auspicious occasion and also the newly wed couple.

An outstanding couple heading for a new chapter of life.
A garden ceremony for remembrance.
A door gift to bring back with lot of blessing & greetings.
Nice beef rendang, chicken, roast lamb, nasi tomato, mee rebus and lot of sweet & dessert.

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