Thursday, November 10, 2011

Job Completed & Serving the Community of Bakri, Muar Johor

At last the construction of a Government clinic is diligently completed and Ministry of Health has commenced utilising the facility for the community of Bakri, Muar.

The clinic is a modern establishment with good medical equipment & facilities.

Who say the medical facility in Malaysia is below par.....come to this clinic you will be amazed.

The main entrance to the clinic.

These apartments are meant for doctors & medical officers.

One of the waiting areas of Klinik Kesihatan.

Dental facility

 A few of my postings for this project can be seen here at the beginning, midway and midway.

A newly found curry noodle near the clinic. Delicious and worthwhile coming back again.

The stall for the curry noodle and my next trip I will try their soto and lontong @ GPS : 2.045436,102.647569.

My lunch with my colleagues at this favourite Assam Pedas stall at Jalan Jonid, Muar and a popular stall in Muar.

Assam Pedas Jenahak. I like the gravy.

Assam Pedas Keli (cat fish).

Salad with grated coconut flesh.

My plate of plain rice with a bit of bean spouts.

See here for my previous posting of this nice Assam Pedas stall at Jalan Jonid, Muar.

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