Thursday, February 02, 2012

Mutiara Johan Chinese New Year Lunch @ Grand Imperial, Bangsar

Grand Imperial Restaurant @ Bangsar Shopping Centre a favourite joint for the Mutiara Johan's Group of Companies.
The staff of Mutiara Johan.
Lou Sang in wooden bucket.
Shark's fin soup with fresh scallop & crab meat.
Big prawns fried with prawn paste & chilli.
Roasted crispy duck.
Braised abalone with bean curd sheet, black mose fungus, dried oysters and greens.
Fried glutinous rice with assorted waxed meat.
Steamed homemade "Nian Gao" with grated coconut & baked lotus paste pastries.
Red bean dessert with mini glutinous rice balls. I missed taking pictures of the delicious "Turbo" fish.
Smiling faces of MJ.
Mr. Tang & Mrs. Leow mingling with the staff.

Lim Mah Chiau my ex-colleague.

Roger Foo & the Leow's family. 
Chew, Raymond, KC & EK.
With the Liew & Leow's family.
Mr. Cheng Ah Swee, Principal of Tsun Jin School (with tie).
Let's cheer and wish for better year ahead.

KC Wong & Leow Yuen Leong have a long way together.
Jeff, Shireen, Ms. Tan & Alice.
It was nice to meet up with my former colleagues again on an auspicious day (9th day of CNY).
Chan, Lim, Sang & EK.
Saw Swee Wah & Roger Foo.
With Tan, TK Goh & Shireen.
The wine of the day.

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