Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Titiwangsa Sao Kong Chow 2012

Restoran CH here we come again
The occasion was the Sao Kong Chow for the Titiwangsa's group of friends and  this has been a custom we practiced ever since we met. In fact this was my first Sao Kong Chow for this year just that I have no chance to post it earlier. My apology to my Titiwangsa friends.
The Lou Sang to start off the night...

Ready to Lou........
and go! ..... we utter many good words for the coming Dragon so that we are blessed with good fortunes in what ever things we do in our lives.
Don't worry about the mess, the messier the better.....
The four seasons like most Chinese dinners in the entire universe.
A delicious steam grouper fish in plain soy sauce.
Shark's fins I know many will disapprove this food in the name of  cruelty of shark finning. But I believe this awareness is building up and soon more people will avoid shark fin in their menu. 
A special request for this roast pork and an added on dish delicacy  for the night.
Steam kampong  (village) chicken with crunchy Kai Lan vegetable in soy sauce was awesome.
Yeaw Seng Kok de organiser.
Relax bro... you will win the next round and thanks for the bottle.
Cheers!!! and happy ushering for a good Dragon Year.

An evening of croaking & karaoke in the city of Kuala Lumpur.

The singing went on and on...... everyone was happy as the fellowship continues to sail on.

SHL's turn to belt out a song or two.
For those tired of croaking were @ a nook.
Roses among the many thorns.
Poco-poco time as the resident singers continue to sing for the evening.
There were enough whisky for the night and thanks to the contributors and also Yeaw for organising this wonderful dinner.

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