Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Steamboat at Ah Chan's Place SS2 on the 14th Day of CNY

Steamboat or hot pot 火锅 is usually eaten during winter time in China but in Malaysia or this part of the world it could be a sweaty affair provided you eat in a well air conditioned room.
It's healthy there is no frying and minimal oil found in the food.
Electrical pot is very convenience & fast as compared with the conventional charcoal burnt pot.
Lot and lot of green leaves.
Fresh slices of grouper fish meat.
Huge prawns form Sabah.
Oyster mushrooms & Enoki mushroom.
Thin slices of pork neck and belly.
Fish maw or air bladder another lovely delicacy for hot pot.
Slices of sweet abalone.
Bouncy fish balls.
Homemade "Sui Kao" dumpling.
Egg Tofu & crab sticks.
Nothing like having a relax steamboat meal at home. 
These non steamboat dishes were meant for the younger people whom might not fully appreciate a good meal of steamboat. Therefore a braised soy sauce meat and a steamed pork ribs were specially prepared for them.
Happy dinner on the eve of Chap Goh Meh or rather the Valentine's Day of the Chinese.

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