Friday, February 03, 2012

Cars For Sale - Toyota MR2 Turbo & Greddy RX8 Turbo

Greddy RX8 Turbo RM150,000.00

Accolade of titles include appearance in: 1. 2004 Hot Version "Rotary Rocket" video by Best Motoring - 
Driven by Keichi Tsuchiya, 2. HyperRev RX8 Magazine vol 110 3. 2005 Tokyo Auto Salon show booth car, 4. 2006 KLIMS Mutiara Motors showcar,... 

Used 1992 Toyota MR2 - 2,000 miles RM65,000 - Owner leaving the country. Any interested party can tinkle me.

Engine (300WHP @ 1.2bar Boost)
3S-GTE (Revision 3), Forged HKS Pistons, Balanced & Ported, KKK K26 Turbocharger, Turbosmart 38mm Wastegate, Sheepdog Blowoff Valve, TRD Spark Plug Cables, Sard Fuel Regulator, Custom exhaust manifold, Trust Intercooler, HKS Superpowerflow Air Filter, HKS Super Racing Spark Plugs, SARD/ SAMCO silicone hoses

Transmission/ Drivetrain:
5-speed manual, Exedy 3 puck clutch, Celica GT4 Pressure Plate, Kazz 2-way LSD

Suspension/ Chasis:
Tein HA (High/Low Adjustables), TRD bushings

Haltech E6X, Apex-i AVCR Boost Controller, Apex-i Turbo Timer, SARD Gauges

Wheels & Tyres:
Gram Lights 57Pro (F:17x 9 +40, R: 17x 10 +35), Goodyear Eagle Revspec 2

Exhaust system:
Trust Twin Exhaust system

Border front bumper, Border carbon fibre front canards, TOMS sideskirt, Border rear skirts, custom flared front and rear arches, Phoenix Power Rear Bonnet, Top Secret GT Wing, Top Secret rear diffuser, TOMS Air Scoop


Kash said...

Dear Mr. Sin Tai Lim,

Greetings, how was your CNY? Hope everything is good. Wow, the MR2 has very low mileage.

Sin Tai Lim said...

KaSH - CNY was good. Cars belong to a friend and will be leaving to Perth.

Lavalamp2u said...

Is the mr2 sold yet?