Monday, March 05, 2012

Fun Ride on a Sunday Morning

What a lovely morning 7:33 I left my house and I realised I forget about my drinking water after reaching AU2 Jusco.
 My drinking water came to my rescue minutes later and I can proceed with cycling.....

 The exploration continued and I found this crowded stall serving food for breakfast @ Jalan AU2A/15. I have marked this stall and will come back for the food.

Selling all kind of baskets with old bicycles at the shop front.
 Passed by these LRT stations in Datuk Keramat area.

Morning wet market of Datuk Keramat. Anyone knows the reason why they do not want to move to the new market nearby?
 The new market cum mall where the old and dilapidated market supposed to move here and it has been long overdue and what a waste of DBKL money if it's unused .

From Datuk Keramat I moved to Jalan Yap Kwan Seng and decided to have my breakfast here.
 While I was enjoying my breakfast the Manager of Old Town was admiring my folding bike and I offered him to try it out.
 My first time cycling in the city of Kuala Lumpur and probably I will do it more.

Sunday is a perfect day to do it.
 I saw a folding bike locked at a bus stand right in front of KLCC together with a helmet.

Met this pretty lady in yellow....
I ignored the sign, I know folding bicycle is now allowed in the train during weekends.
Waiting for the train to come.......
 At last I had my bike into a LRT train. (In actual fact you need a carrying bag for folding bike to travel in a train which I found after this episode).
And finally I reached home at 10:33 and it was a great 3 hours excitement on a beautiful Sunday.

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Sam Cheong said...

Very inspiring ride! Never seen that part of KL on a bike before! Keep it up!


Kash said...

Wah, no traffic at KLCC on Sunday, very interesting.

Sin Tai Lim said...

Sam - Thanks for visiting my site.

Kash - Ireland should be the same on Sunday.

AugustDiners said...

wow!! U cycled all the way?? impressive!!!!!! i could never do dat. Cycling around my neighbourhood is enough for me, for now hehe!

Kash said...

I live in the country side, everyday less traffic.

Sin Tai Lim said...

AugustDiners - I actually did plan it it just took further and further as I cycle.

Kash - Quite, clean and fresh countryside is an ideal living but must have internet access, hahaha.

Kash said...

Have internet access one,hahaha.