Friday, March 23, 2012

Putrajaya Hot Air Ballon 2010

We were there not for the hot air ballon event but to cycle around the carnival.
Burner of the hot air ballon.
It was a good idea to bring along the bikes there were many envious eyes.
Fun time & carnival time with ballons.
Recognises this man he is Dahlan Zainuddin the singing star of our time.
Let's try the heli...
It was nice chatting with with gentleman at this stall. Special offer for folding bikes and others.
From the radio station...
What an enjoyable time at Putrajaya.
Music were too loud but was good.
 Both the brothers went hunting for food & drinks.

Where is daddy......
Be careful when crossing the road....
While the boys were having fun ride, some were having heli ride.
All yours there is no cars here..... riding at the super long Boulevard of Putrajaya.
It was so fun and interesting @ this huge space.
I am tired my buttock is splitting....
While the Manager was watching.....
Power Ranger is tired and needs a rest.
Time to fold, load and go back home. Bye bye Putrajaya.

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