Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Putrajaya Gran Fondo Ride

Another event created for the cyclists from Kuala Lumpur and it was called "Putrajaya Gran Fondo Ride". The turn up was very encouraging and we met at a monument tower "Alfa Baru, Precinct 2"at Putrajaya.
This was the route laid out for the cyclists mainly on road riding without any visitation to parks. It was more for the speed rather than sightseeing. So new foldies  might have a problem in coping with the group.
The event was scheduled to start at 7.00am though I waited at the wrong place initially but managed to reorient myself and was on time for the event.
Lining up for a group photo at the starting line..

Off we went in a group.
But we have to carry our bikes on the road as it was a on road ride, bye bye to the beautiful parks, see you on a next ride.
Here we went on the main roads where we have to be alert and careful at all time in the name of safety. 
The roads of Putrajaya on a weekend were relatively quiet and suitable for riding.

We were lost at midway and this device came in handy. None of the "lost souls" was familiar with the route.
This group of foldies was lost and  we were trying to figure out the route.
We were fortunate to re-group with the leaders where we bumped into them on the opposite direction. We quickly carried our bikes over the divider and joined them. 

At last a place where I can have biscuits, walao leh ....hungry leh.
A brief pitstop and regrouping under a shady spot.
Moving on through Precinct 11 as we were on our home run.
The sky started to threaten us and the feeling was uncomfortable.
The cloud was getting darker and darker and we have only  cycled 40km which we have another 20km to go. It was decided that we called off the ride due to the weather.
It was time for a lunch, from Putrajaya we went to Seri Kembangan. Someone recommended this place Restoran Sheng Kee. See my previous posting on the foods.
All of us were hungry and anxiously waiting for our food.
These are the northern people where their lingo like Hokkien is of a unique slang.
Faces of hungry cyclists turning happy with their foods.

The different dishes we had in this eating shop.

I re-unfold my bike to look of some lost cyclists in this neighbourhood. We shall ride again.

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Hi Mr. Sin Tai Lim, how are you? Are you going to see Tiger play?