Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Restoran Seafood Huaw Kee @ Sg. Buloh Village

Sg. Buloh New Village is changing rapidly with its many industrial activities and it is infested with many foreign workers.I reckon in no time it will become a "foreign" village. The market place of this village in the evening is a testimony of this statement. Restoran Seafood Huaw Kee is located in this vicinity and also a few doors from Jeff's Kitchen.
The interior view of the restaurant which has been air conditioned lately.
Two details of the night while we were waiting for our dishes.

This curry chicken came in a big bun, the bread was soft and it went very well with the curry. I like this dish and would to recommend it to you.
Fried "San Cheong" was superb despite the fact that it is extremely sinful in terms of cholesterol.
This dish has a combination of prawns & roasted pork and it was another great dish to savour.
Fish porridge was good and nothing really to emphasize because it don't really excite your taste buds.
Braised baby sharks.
Fish maws with enoki mushrooms. 
Marmite Pork ribs was delicious and succulent, my boys love it very much.
It was also a night we celebrated Xiang Yi's birthday.
A relative bought this oval shaped moon cake from Johor something different and it was yummy.
Restoran Seafood Huaw Kee

Jalan Perkhidmatan,
Kg. Baru Sg. Buloh,
GPS : 3.197378,101.569306

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Is that the real baby shark?