Friday, October 05, 2012

World Car-Free Day & We Cycle, Board Train & Ferry to Pulau Ketam

We started from YMCA Brickfields and took a quieter route to the motor lane of Federal Highway. Here we were admiring a rain tree which is getting scarce in our changing city.
The road was wet after a short down fall but it did not dampen us at all the weather stayed good throughout our ride.
Some of the friends waited for us at the midway near Subang Jaya.
We had several short pit stops like this one along the motor lane, this was to ensure everyone is alright and no one was left behind.
One of the many tunnels of the motor lane some of them can be dangerous as the lighting in tunnel was bad. We have to be careful and moreover there were many speeding motorcycles.
Mr. Sam Cheong was the one who organised this ride and is good in laying out such event. Furthermore he is very familiar with the route. Thanks to Sam Cheong.
It was nice to see that Klang town is appearing and we were looking forward for food as our tummies were in need to be refilled.
 The weather was excellent the sun did not bully us and we reached Klang town sound and safe.
Approaching Little India of Klang.
Chong Kok Kopitiam, a popular coffee shop in Klang which is very near to the train station.
The kopitiam was packed and we couldn't wait for proper seats so we had ours at the verandah and it was fun eating this way.
The crowd came for this, Nasi Lemak so were we.....
The wooden bucket where the steamed coconut milk flavour nasi was kept, this one was emptied and was left outside the shop.
We had to fold our bikes and bagged them in order to embark on the train (a must if you are travelling on train in Malaysia)
A short wait for the train for Port Kelang at the platform and a good time to share and mingle with new friends.
The train or known as "Kommuter" is new & clean which was a surprise to many of us. Well done and keep it up that way.
Finally we reached Port Kelang and took a group photo here.
It was a short walk from the train station to the jetty and the ticket is RM7.00 one way.
Let's board the boat.
The boat ride was fun and with friends cracking jokes here and there.
It took about half an hour to reach the island from Port Klang.
Upon landing on this island, we set up our bikes and were ready to roam the place. We were as if aliens with helmets on 2 wheels. The community loves it.
This island is a unique island, a community of itself with all necessary amenities and facilities of what a common community should be. And the basic mode of transportation here is bicycles probably 99% of them.
 Some of the scenery of our day adventure in this island.

Time to go back and wait for our boat at the jetty.
There was no room for our bicycles in the boat and they had to be placed outside. Many of us were worried for our bikes while we were in the enclosed boat.
Though our bicycles were in the carrying bags but it was also a bit strenuous hopping from one transportation to another.
Everyone had a good day and most of us for the first time experienced the combination of various transportations to Pulau Ketam without our cars.

My destination was Kuala Lumpur, the old KTM train station.
It was a memorable day and an enjoyable cycling day to Pulau Ketam.

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