Saturday, October 06, 2012

LaLa Clam Bihun & Bitter Gourd Koay Teow @ Air Panas

Air Panas has been famous for its Hennessy Lor Mee, the food court is now housed temporarily at this site and awaiting a new food court to be erected. These stalls were previously operating on a site next to it which has been demolished for a new one.
Good food with a miserable banner to attract customers, anyway it's already well known to most people especially those in Setapak region.
The wok was not really ready at 9am but it was in another half an hour time.
Our crave to savour the bitter fried Koay Teow was imminent and it was gorgeous.
The LaLa clam bihun was power in the sense of rice wine, the aroma was strong and the taste was magnificent
Hennessy Lor Mee
Air Panas Food Court (Temporary)
Air Panas (opposite DBKL Market)
Kuala Lumpur
GPS : 3.189293,101.718021

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