Sunday, October 14, 2012

Veemer Motor Charity Ride 2012 - Kuala Lumpur

This was another great event that I have participated on a Sunday. I registered via the Folding Bikes group for this charity ride where we gathered at Taman Desa and had breakfast before we rode to the starting point at Old Klang Road.
There were about 400 riders that turned up at Veemer Motor Showroom for this Charity Ride.
Surprisingly the number of folding bikes present was very encouraging probably as many as the road bikes and mountain bikes maybe the foldies conquered the day..

An unique folding bike with a trolley behind campaigning for road sharing....well done bro.
An infant and a dad were there taking part in the carnival and I salute this dad for the courage he has bringing the child out for this fun ride. She really starts young.
Foldies and foldies we definitely outshone the rest and we were waiting for the green light.
The beauty pageants were there to commemorate the event and obviously they were the attraction of the morning.
Let the charity ride begins......
Old Kelang Road was the first road that was invaded by us and we made many heads turned.
One of the several out riders escorting us and making sure that the roads were clear and safe for us. Terima Kasih.
Happy faces of the riders on a perfect Sunday morning, there was nothing more happier than this.....
For the first time I was able to actually cycle on the highway of Federal Highway with no cars or whatsoever vehicles overtaking us. The feeling was great and I enjoyed it very much.
Turning out off the Federal Highway and up a ramp to Brickfields.
Colourful Malaysia, this is Little Chennai at Brickfields.

Making a turn to the vicinity of Pudu Market where the market goers were amazed by the large number of cyclists passing by.
The one of the four beauty pageants of Malaysia at Pandan Interchange.
Painting the Golden Triangle of Kuala Lumpur with bicycles as we were approaching Sungei Wang.
The centre commercial area of Kuala Lumpur on a weekend with less traffic and it was ideal for the ride.

Here we come to the Twin Towers of Kuala Lumpur.
One of the many stop overs we had during the ride and we took the chance to snap many pictures of the beautiful event and the people.

Passing by the shopping mall of was quiet in the morning . No stopping and shopping please we have moved on.
Jalan Sultan Ismail was part of the route we covered.
A son and a dad on a tandem enjoying a cruising ride in the city with so many escorts coupled with a fantastic weather.

Making a U-turn at Pudu Bus Terminal at Jalan Tun Perak.
Jalan Tun Perak one of the famous routes for our Malaysian demonstration in the city and the famous Dataran Merdeka is also around the corner.
We were at Dataran Merdaka for a break and as usual many photos were taken, we had good fun at this historical site.
Time to go back to the base at Jalan Kelang Lama. This is Federal Highway again, a road to ourselves ..... how wonderful again. When can we do it again?
There were many photos disturbed in the internet especially via facebook and many thanks to all the professional photographers and media for the excellent pictures posted in the facebook.
From the Highway and back into Old Klang Road.
A simple makan of kueh kueh and soft drinks for everyone after a memorable ride in the city.

These were the men that made the road possible and safe for us to cycle and many thanks to PDRM for this wonderful effort. Kita cinta sama lu.....jangan saman kita.

This was the Charity Ride (from my angle) organised by Veemer Motor on a beautiful Sunday in Kuala Lumpur and it was a successful event and well done to all the organising members ot the organnising committee.

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