Sunday, July 26, 2015

Day 4 - Bike Touring from Khanom to Surat Thani, South Thailand

This was the toughest stretch we had in this bike touring with unexpected climbs and it was the longest of all covering a distance of 110km on the last day of serious riding.
Woke up in the morning feeling so good and fresh as we went searching for a breakfast at the local market.
We saw this interesting piping hot pot of brownish congee, curious as ever we ordered it without any hesitation.
The pork porridge is made of brown rice and with an extra egg added on it was amazingly delicious. The Thai devil dough (you char kueh 油炸粿) went perfectly well with it. Another great local Thai food discovered.
Having fully satisfied with the food adventure at the wet market of Khanom we hit the road immediately.
It is going to be a long long ride for the day and the weather don't seems to be good.
Look at the sky it's getting darker..
We rode and covered as far as possible before it starts to pour.
A stop for coffee somewhere in the midst of nowhere...we were so lucky the minute we reached here it started to rain.
Phad Thai was good.
This extended "Freddy" fender has been serving me well and no more dirt spray on my back.
the show continued.....
I have learned to stop at Cafe Amazon for 3 reasons...1st it was to rest our legs, 2nd the drinks .....
and thirdly for the free wifi.
After a strenuous distance we stopped again. Thank goodness we stopped I was hungry and needed food so badly.
It was a simple meal yet so delicious and pleasing.....I never had so much rice for a long time probably I needed it for the energy.... hehehe.
An hour ago I was so hungry and now it's back to business .....
Surat Thani ...another 24km to go.
We could have gone for Krabi but it was not part of the plan. maybe next time.
Bangkok another 666km to go .... obviously we were not going there too.
pedal by pedal we will be there as the heat was getting intense....
signs of relief starting to appear ......
All the sudden we witnessed a huge road procession and curiously we took the opportunity to see the lively celebration as we rode by.
I found out that this was Chak Phra festival - a celebration of the return of Buddha from heaven.
After a long search we found the bus terminal and got all the details for the following day's travel .
After scouting around the area we selected this decent place called Isan Saosn Resort for the night which is essentially not too far the bus terminal.
The reception.
Into the bustling city of Surat Thani in search of food. 
So this was it...
 Some simple seafood dishes for dinner.
Nothing is complete without a cold beer.

 Another simple dinner and this time it was at Surat Thani. Tomorrow is another day to travel. We will be catching a bus to Hatyai and there will be no long haul cycling as far as this trip is concerned.... if I was given the time & luxury I want to continue....hihihi.


nadz said...


I like reading all your sentences about your cycle journey. Travelling to see places by bike must be very happening compare to the bus journey!
you are strong enough. Go on.

Tailim said...

Thanks Nadz...long time no hear from you. Best wishes to you & family.