Thursday, July 16, 2015

Let's Cycle 2 - The Ride with Special People

It was a Sunday somewhere far from where I stay there is this mall called One City where we went for a cycling event and most importantly a ride with a group of special people. Well done 8TV Let's Cycle 2!
This was the last event for Let's Cycle 2015 season and we were honoured to be invited.
In fact we were requested to volunteer to escort the special riders and we were delighted to do so.
The official meeting point - in front of e-City Hotel @ One City.
Nothing can stop this courageous man from cycling.
Taking memorable pictures before the ride. These are handcycle recumbent by the brand called "Quickie".
Getting to know each other before the flag off, what a beautiful Sunday morning.
Patrick Teoh the Voice of Malaysia was there too.

It was surely an eye opener for me to see different kind bikes used by these special people, from innovative wheelchairs to handcycle. We were happy to escort them through out the ride. It was so touching to see the determination of these riders to complete the route. My salute to them.

Thank you to the Police Force for escorting the entire ride, with them it was easier for us to marshal the ride. Ribuan Terima Kasih PDRM.
After a short ride of 10 kilometres we were back safely to the mall for a closing event.
The hosts at work and I just couldn't wait for Let's Cycle Season 3!
Friends from Bike Kitchen were there in this celebration, cheers to all my friends here!
The closing ceremony with a group photography session. Yahoo and well done 8TV & its Production Team.
 We have a chance to try these special bikes, you need strong hand to manuver them.
Don't forget to tune in 8TV beginning of October 4, every Sunday 9.30pm. See us there & Cheers!

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