Monday, July 06, 2015

Rawang to Sg. Sendat & de Waterfalls

It was a Saturday morning I decided to join Cik Gu Chin & Liliana Lee to Sg. Sendat Waterfalls at a last moment. Almost every weekends there will be events organised for cyclists, it is indeed a good development for Klang Valley and sometime you get to pick which to go. A group photo at the usual spot before the ride.
Everyone was eager to get going and have fun on this 60km ride.
Unfortunately there was a tyre punture shortly after we started and we had to be hauled up for a while. It always happen and is part and parcel of any event.
SC Chin & Liliana always route the journey using secondary roads as much as possible this time around they were using Rawang residential and industrial areas.
We love photo session and are always playful posing in front of the camera.
This part of the route is the construction of LATAR highway extension, it is a challenging route where one has to face steep climb. The joy of going down hill was the best part of it and a good pay off.
After 7.5km on the secluded road which is still not ready for vehicle usage we emerged into Route 1 of the North South trunk road near Serendah.
Route 1 could be busy with lots of vehicles and one has to be careful on the road. As long as you observe proper cycling and go in a single file then thing would be alright. Always cycle safely.
A pit stop at BP Petrol station where 4 more friends joined us in the ride.
It was a 9km ride on Route 1 before we turned right into Antara Gapi using Persiaran Antara Gapi towards Ulu Yam.
The traffic at Antara Gapi is quiet with beautiful oil palm plantation along the road.
At the junction of Persiaran Antara Gapi and Jalan Ulu Yam Bahru - Batu Caves, we stopped for a durian break. I just could not resist myself with durian and I love the kampong durian it's so delicious.
I enjoyed this last stretch of the journey along Jalan Kampong Gurney as it is shady and cooling though there are some climbs but it was all worth the while.
This is my second time to Sendat Waterfalls my previous visit was sometime in June 2012, you can see here for the previous adventure.
It was so fun playing in the cold water from the falls.
The Sendat falls consists of three tiers. 
The falls are located in a very shaded forest, very suitable for a picnic especially on a hot day. 
Forestry Department of Selangor has been fixing up the site. Facilities like toilets, changing area, as well as a natural trail are all under way. There is a small entrance fee for the maintenance of this place RM1 per adult.
It was time to go back to Serendah for food.
Lunch was at the Thai Sisters' corner at Serendah and their popular Leng Chee Kang was running out of stock by the time we reached there some were disappointed without the Leng Chee Kang anyway the Tomyam noodle was delicious.
The route and the elevation to Sendat waterfalls. Thank SC Chin & Liliana for their meticulous effort in organising this event, Kamsia Kamsia Cik Gu Cik Gu..

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