Sunday, July 26, 2015

Day 3 - Time to Go Back from Melaka to Sg.Gadut

By 9.30am we have checked out from Cheng Ho Guest House and were on the road rolling back towards home. Weather-wise it was hot and there was no chance of rain. At times we love to cycle in the rain especially under a hot day.
The plan was to use a different route back home, a proposed route has been laid out all we need to do is to ensure that we were on the right track.
The volume of traffic wasn't heavy on that day it was only at certain locations of the route which jammed up with cars.
After nearly 20 km of cycling we stopped at this coffee shop for a rest and some food. I had a bowl of delicious pan mee while some had half boiled eggs and toasted bread.
It is always nice to be resting and having some refreshment after a strenuous ride under the hot condition but it has to be short or else we will be taking a long time than required to reach our destination.
Alor Gajah is another 8 km away.
These kids were in a jovial Raya mood and I could not resist myself but to stop my bicycle and take a wefie with them.
This was the spot we made a wrong turn we should have proceeded to Alor Gajah town for Lebuh AMJ.
We took a detour into a plantation at Ayer Pa' abas which we had to pay an additional of 20 km, on the bright side the route was scenic and cooling despite it was a slight hilly roll.
Eventually we managed to connect to Lebuh AMJ (an expressway of Alor Gajah - Melaka - Jasin) and it was where two more riders returned to join us in the ride.
We took another detour of nearly 3 kilometres to avoid an elevated ramp somewhere at our 51th kilometre.
More than half this detour was off road and at times we have to push our bicycles due to the poor condition of the road. Though the route was not smooth but it was interesting.
At 57.5 kilometre, we stopped at Kota for another rest and refreshment.
I bought myself an ice cream and it was so nice eating it while pedalling on a hot day.
We were tired, the weather so hot and we just could not resist this cooling shaded area as our last stop before reaching Sg. Gadut. This was at 69th kilometre of the route.
It was a great relief at the sight of the KTM station, we have finally arrived at the destination.
Everyone was happy that we have reached Sg. Gadut without any untoward incident and I am taking this opportunity to thank Brian, Kim, Albert, Jason, Baki, Winnie, Eunice and the rest for making this adventure a successful one and looking forward for future rides of such nature.
Having completed this journey and coupled with a good reason to celebrate, we decided to celebrate this achievement at KL Sentral.
A journey that could have been shorten by 20km, nevertheless it was a good memorable journey. Till then we shall venture into new journeys and we will see what is next in the list.

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