Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A Bicycle Ride to Melaka During Hari Raya - Day 1

It was the second day of Hari Raya Celebration, Saturday 18 July 2015 a group of friends had a plan to visit Malacca with their small wheels. Most of us gathered at KL Sentral where we took a commuter train to Seremban.
The entire group met up at Restoran Lee Koon for fish ball noodle at Jalan Zaaba, Seremban and by 9.30am we commenced the ride.
The route to Melaka was basically on the direction to Rantau Linggi, Sg. Udang, Tanjung Kling then into Jonker Walk.
A brief stop at Mambau as the momentum slowly built up for the day.
Rantau is a small town in Negeri Sembilan. Located between the state capital Seremban and Port Dickson.
The community contains three primary schools and two secondary schools.
After 20 over kilometres Jo's rear tyre gave a burst, it seem that the outer layer of Marathon Plus was the only damage and she went on for another 10 kilometres without realising the inner tube had a small puncture. She had to hopped into the support car for the rest of the ride. Thank goodness we were supported with 2 cars in this ride.
One of the few re-grouping points, this one was at Masjid Tanah.
Certain parts of Melaka were congested with cars especially at road junctions or traffic light crossings. We could just happily over take these cars as they crawl their vehicles on the road.
Masjid Tanah is a major town in district of Alor Gajah, Malacca. The name Masjid Tanah originates from a mosque built from soil (tanah). The town has been inhibited since mid 1500 AD starting from a small village. It is one of the largest towns in Malacca. In the late 1990s, the value of real estate in Masjid Tanah was quite a boom when the government decided to build an oil refinery owned by Petronas at Sungai Udang near the town.
In the vicinity of Alor Gajah.
I could see a familiar sight at Klebang, it is Restoran Seafarer and I could also smell the heritage city of Prameswara as I soldiered on.
After a distance of 90 kilometres we reached Cheng Ho Sayang at Jonker Walk. Overall the ride was quite strenuous with lot of climbs but not too severe and the weather was good. Anyway we managed to reach safely to the historical city of Malacca.
Staying at Jonker Walk was convenient with food and entertainment all near by. That was the first day of our Melaka adventure.

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