Sunday, May 26, 2013

My First Time Cycling to Titi, Jelebu Negeri Sembilan

The group Photo on this day of 24 May 2013.
 The preparation at Hulu Langat for a ride to Titi, Negeri Sembilan starting from Batu 18, Hulu Langat which is estimated to be a distance of 92km.

 After a distance of 10km of cycling we reached a "T" junction and took a brief breather.

 I always like cycling along this route it's so refreshing with lesser vehicles (especially lorries) as compared to Genting Sempah.

 At last we reached the state border between Selangor & Negeri Sembilan, a place popularly known as Perez (officially is Peras). Initially I thought that was the end of the ride for this stretch and will head back to the "T" junction to ride on to the other side of it. I was wrong and had to proceed beyond the border to Titi. I took the challenge and making my first crossing beyond this border to a town called Titi.

3 said back to Batu 18 but the rest said "this way to Titi".
 The initial ride from Perez to Titi was the best and most enjoyable it has a long roll of downhill at times capturing a maximum speed of 53km/hr. I had the thought of what will happen when we come back on this slope. I was the last one in our group everyone were waiting for me at this place and I thought it was good to have a rest here. Unfortunately no and had to proceed with the pedalling as everyone were hungry and thinking of the noodle at Titi. Pretty unfair though they waited and rested but not me.....

 Some of the attractions along my ride to Titi.

My first visit to Titi.
I met these cute Malay boys they were such friendly and sporting kids...

 The town of Titi  is a simple and quiet place comprising mostly single storey shops. There is hardly any shop more than 3 storey ...kind of a dwarfed town. Hakka is the main dialect so if you can speak this lingo you are at home.

One of the 2 shops we visited for food, this shop sells kueh kuih and amazingly there are so many types. Obviously we were fascinated by the spread so colourful .... buy buy buy and eat eat eat eat. After all we were hungry.
 Suddenly this town was invaded by helmeted people and patronising their thing for sure the people in Titi are absolutely friendly.

 The colour and variety of these snack foods are truly amazing some of them cannot be seen in Kuala Lumpur. The selling price is RM0.60 per piece and the portion is generous.

  Mike & Siew Kheong just couldn't wait to try the snacks....
This was the shop we chose for our break.
 My cyclist friends were enjoying the delicious foods and drinks. We had a good time chatting and sharing our love for cycling. 

My pick for the day. Yummy and satisfying.
As I have said the people in this town are very friendly, not only they served us noodles the lady boss helped us to arrange for a truck.
Within minutes this comfortable vehicle came answering our prayers.
Four bicycles were loaded safely secured and ready to ferry four senior riders....

These were the four who opted for an easier way out for the difficult stage i.e. Titi to Perez. We were very proud of this alternative plan ....brilliant isn't !!!! After all, we just want to have fun and I respect the rest who took the challenge.
Kenneth helping Daniella with her flat tyre.
A patch that did not work for her and had to abort her ride shortly after leaving Titi. Watch out for this Iron Lady she will surely be back.
My salute to these cyclists taking the ultimate challenge to cycle back the toughest route.
Tony our saviour who made easy our 23km ride from Titi to Perez. Thank you Tony (we will be back on July for your durian). We have another 22km ride back to Hulu Langat Batu 18 but mostly downhill ..... how wonderful.....

Beautiful Titi ..... I shall return.

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