Friday, May 01, 2009

Beggar Chicken @ Ulu Kelang, MRR2

You need not have to travel to Banting or Ijok to have beggar chicken, you can get it in Ulu Kelang itself, just along the MRR2 and near Zoo Negara. The name of this place is called “New Heong Kee Restaurant” Just call 03-4106-8698 or 016-393-2632 to place your advance order which is required for clay baked dishes because it takes approximately 8 hours to slow cook the foods. These are stoves seen next to the eating area. The foods are either wheel barrowed or shoved to a point to break up the clay for the cooked foods.
Today is Labour Day, Jo decided to give a treat for a good reason and I have to plan for one as usual but this time of a different set up. Our first counter at this unique place was the beggar herbal duck, then the ever popular chicken. The stuffed fish paste fish. The tofu for the children. The melon soup or Chang Sheng Pu Lao Soup. The Oyster glutinous rice. Pork Ribs. My favourite one, the pork stomach, pig tail, etc…. very nice and tasty…Stir fried vege. Mr & Mrs Ung enjoying the dinner before adjourning to Bistro 32. One for the album with our good old neighbour, my mother and Shou Yi. The meal was sumptuous for a total of 8 adults & 5 kids for a cost of RM320.00 including beers and other soft drinks. The only set back was it is non air conditioned and warm, could be better if the place is cooled down…

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