Friday, January 22, 2016

Brompton Ride to Pulau Ketam

It was a ride organised by a group of Brompton bicycle owners to visit an island off Port Kelang with our folding bikes. This was my second time visiting Pulau Ketam. My first trip could be viewed from this link. We all gathered at Chong Kok Kopitiam near the Klang Train Station for a lovely breakfast before we start our event.
I like the atmosphere of this coffee shop, it has become a very rare scene to see all races sitting down in the a coffee shop and eat together. Fortunately we still have a few of such shops like Chong Kok Kopitiam. The local coffee is simply awesome it's concentrated "kaw-kaw" and I love it without sugar.
Our ride from Klang town to Port Kelang, it was about a 10km ride.

To the jetty at Port Kelang and here we come.
By the way the boat fare per trip is RM7.00.
Pulau Ketam if translated to English is "Crab Island" is basically a fishing community literally floating or sitting on silts. We enjoyed cycling around and observing and experience their lifestyle in the island.
We found an interesting ice floss dessert at a shop by the name of Chop Hiap Thye, the ice dessert is a finely shaved flavoured ice and topped with red bean and jelly. 
Time to go home and everyone on board as the boat is about to leave.
A train ride from Port Kelang to Klang instead of cycling on a hot afternoon, we were looking forward eating the banana leaf rice in Klang.
Yap Kee is another unique shop a Chinese shop serving Indian banana leaf rice and it is always pack.

A clip showing our round in the island.

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