Wednesday, January 13, 2016

My First Time Going Off Trail at Bukit Lagong

It was a Sunday I wanted to bring my wife to Putrajaya to join a leisure ride but she got some work commitment and I had to go on my own. I changed my plan of going to Putrajaya and instead I went for Johnny Ng's ride. This time I was expecting something different from my normal cycling.
Johnny brought us to Selayang Jaya for our breakfast, a good place for noodle by the name of Kim Kee Noodle 金记面家.
We went over to place to meet up other riders and this shop is getting popular for breakfast. I have marked it for a return visit.
It is situated at Taman Bidara, Selayang. This is the noodle stall that was popularly posted at Facebook for its curry noodle. We just can't have the luxury of time to wait for a bowl and try it. The curry mee has to wait.
All ready and a dozen was set to try Bukit Lagong many of us do not have the slightest idea of the condition of the trail, we just follow blindly.
Bukit Lagong is located off Jalan Bidara, Selayang a forest reserve area with river spot for picnic and further in there is an Orang Asli Settlement. We were about to explore the hill beyond the settlement with our bicycles. Click here to see my previous visit to this place during my initial time of cycling with our regular buddies.
At the end of the paved road there is an earth road all up into the hill. I understand that this road is a dead end and is being used by the Orang Asli for durian season.
After a few hundred of metres there is a site for paintball war game and the trail continues ... the condition was bad and little did I know it was so difficult to ascend this climb. 
The trail is uneven with fallen trees and branches on the path, it is steep and at times we were required to carry our bikes over obstacles. This trail is definitely not popularly tried by MTB bikers except for some crazy ones like us.
The leader stopped and regroup as many time much as possible, a few of us turned back and gave up.
I nearly wanted to give up but I told myself to finish it and slowly I pushed up and ride where I can but most of the uphill I pushed the bike up. My tee shirt was fully drenched with sweat and never had I experienced such a sweaty shirt before.
What a great relief  when I heard that we have reached the destination up at Bukti Lagong, the path is totally covered with green apparently the path will only be cleared when there is durians to be collected.
As I was going up the hill I was worried about going down later unfavorable trail really look scary. I just took the return slowly holding the rear brake most of the time and riding like a small kid learning how to balance as I saddled down. Thank to Johnny for the tips on how to handle the bike it was totally a different ball game when you are on an off road adventure at tough condition like this. Two felled and hurted themselves fortunately it was not serious. Overall it was fun and a great experience for me. The next round I will look for a friendlier trail for a MTB adventure.

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