Monday, January 11, 2016

Restoran Yuan Kee 源記海鮮飯店 at Kepong for a Tai Chow

They have shifted from Jalan Ambong Kiri to a new premises nearby (maybe 200 metres away). Well it was was crowded when me and my colleague reached the place as it was lunch hour. My old buddies from college were already there waiting for us.
Braised pork ribs with ground nuts was awesome, the meat and the nuts were well cooked to a perfect softness and most of all the taste was delicious.
Stir fried Choy Sum with finely chopped garlic, a simple choice of green veggie and a wonderful crunchy time with the Choy Sum.
Plentiful of finely blended ginger on a steamed Tilapia fish, the flesh tender, sweet and at time spicy.
Steamed three coloured eggs 蒸三皇蛋 consisting of normal chicken egg with small cuts of century egg and salted egg. It was smooth and easily eaten with the rice with a lovely flavour. Simple yet delicious.
 I heard the Wah Tan Hor is good, I shall try it then next time.
It has been a while since I met these two old college friends we were in the same Building course back in 1977. Great to meet up with old friends and time really flies.
Restoran Yuan Kee 
Jalan 5/33B
Kepong Baru
Kuala Lumpur
016-653 3365
GPS : 3.209548, 101.647702

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