Friday, May 13, 2016

A Ride from Hulu Langat Batu 18 to Sg. Tekala Recreational Park

In less than a month time we would to going for a long haul cycling in a foreign land and certain stretches of the routes are anticipated to be hilly therefore we have to practise and get ourselves ready for the trip. Sunday, 8th May we headed to Hulu Langat Batu 18 to join a group for a ride to Semenyih Dam.
The ride was initiated by Johnny and the roll off time was 7.30am most of the bikes were either road bikes or MTB, there was only a handful of folding bikes.
The weather was excellent misty in the early morning, the traffic was fairly quiet and a beautiful kampong atmosphere.
After rolling gradually upward for 10km we reached the famous T junction to regroup and to decide where to turn Right or Left. And we ended up going to the right for Sg. Tekala.
Going towards Sg. Tekala is always more scenic that the "left" direction comparing to thev route to Genting Peras, there are beautiful scenes of the dam and its surrounding.
After about 12km of rolling along the beautiful dam of Semenyih we reached Tekala Recreational Park, rested for a while Jo had a packet of nasi lemak before we made our return ride.
I was sitting on the roadside contemplating whether to roll up to the "left" for Genting Peras after reaching back to the T Junction. I told Jo we will slowly pedal up if it's too taxing then we will just make a U turn.
After scaling up for more than 2km the sight of road resurfacing triggered us to give up the idea of going up to Genting Peras coupled with the noisy super bikes vrooming passed us. There will be a next time. Well done for some of my buddies they have managed to reach Genting Peres and there were 4 even more terror, they went even farther clocking a distance nearly 100km. Well done indeed. For the record we have completed only 49km on this day. 
A video of the ride.

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