Saturday, May 07, 2016

Day 10 South Thailand Tour 2016 - Klong Thom to Phuket

It was time to leave Khlong Thom after two nights and both Andrew & Joe were in a better condition to travel. We have to change our plan and have to leave for Phuket directly, our original plan to go island hopping but it has to be aborted. 
We hired a truck to Phuket for 5,000baht and it was a crampy two hours journey to Phuket.
We checked into The Pho Thong Phuket for two nights located at Montri Road GPS :7.884063, 98.392844
After the food poisoning incidences we were then very careful with our selection of food, porridge and clear soup noodle were seem to be our safe choices. It was a short walk away from The Pho Thong Phuket and everyone was happy with the dinner. 
After two days of resting I just could not wait to peddle around the Old Town of Phuket.
While I was cycling a voice came from behind and we started a conversation, I met Larp Meekomeng also another keen folding bike enthusiast. Well now I have a new friend in Phuket. He said "same same" he got a Brompton too.
Phuket is just like Penang or Malacca with influence of European and Baba Nyonya interest. I love seeing the buildings in this old town. During the night it has it beauty and I simply enjoy it.
As usual I am excited seeing street art and I will try to take pictures of it.
I guess these were visitors too happily taking photos of the mural.
I was fortunate to witness a street procession in fairly a big scale which look like something of a 9 Emperors festival (on the month of October).  
Though it was a short night stint in Old Town Phuket but it was lovely. I will see more of Phuket tomorrow. Good night then. 
A clip of the street procession

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