Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Day 12 - South Thailand Tour 2016 - Phuket - Kuala Lumpur

Today was the final day of our 12 Days in Thailand, the entire tour was another good experience of my cycling adventure. We were blessed with a safe completion of the tour and I like to say thank you to all my travelling mates for a successful trip especially Andrew for all the meticulous planning and hope that we will do it again.
I woke up early in the morning and decided to cycle one more time in Phuket before we leave the hotel which I have another 2 more hours to kill.
I shall cherish my 2 nights stay in Phuket and hopefully I shall come back to explore further.
Meanwhile Kit & Roger were on a rented motorbike hunting for their breakfast.
A day before I have managed to salvage some card boards for my bike packing. These boards will be served as protective linings for my folding bicycle in a storage bag.
I cut the boards into 6 pieces and my used Dimpa storage bag is now ready to be padded with these boards. 
Just before 9.00am our transport arrived and we were ready to load our stuffs and bicycles.
The time taken from the hotel to the airport was nearly an hour, well the traffic was quite bad as bad as Kuala Lumpur on a peak hour.
As usual Roger would box his bicycle after it was scanned by the security.
We were early and had the luxury of time for a meal at the Airport.
Two folding bikes in Dimpa bags were ready to be checked in.
My bike including my helmet, basic tools, spare tubes and clothing weighted only 18.2kg, I have over purchased which I brought for a 30kg allowance.
Bye bye Phuket Sawasdee Krab till then we shall meet again.
That's it we were on our way back home after 12 days in Thailand.
Air Asia airlines landed at KLIA2, we had no problem whatsoever going through the custom nor the immigration. I headed for a KLIA Transit train.
To my surprise I was entitled for a senior citizen fare, ages more than 55 years old are considered senior citizen by ERL. I love it.
These were the only bags I used for my travel an IKEA Dimpa bag & my Brompton "T" bag and it has proven that these are sufficient.
I un-bagged my Dimpa and discarded all the boards at a nearby bin.
I was mobile again with my wheels.
Since it was peak hour I decided to cycle back home from the station. And I have to say sawasdee krab one more time and till then we shall meet again for another cycling adventure with my small wheels.


flymeng said...

Great adventure. Thanks for sharing.

Dense said...

Brilliant ride Sir!!