Sunday, May 01, 2016

Day 7 South Thailand Tour 2016 Wang Wiset - Khlong Thom

Time to say goodbye to Tonyo Greenview Resort and we shall remember the fantastic hospitality of Mr. Kitiipong Klinchan, his son in law & son. Tonyo Greenview Resort is awesome.

Further down the road towards Krabi is Wang Wiset town, we stopped by for our breakfast.
About half way through the journey we took a break at this shady spot for lot of iced cold coke, it is sited in an oil palm plantation, the road along this stretch is under major upgrading and hence it was very dusty.
After cycling for about 46km under the blazing hot sun we decided to visit either a hot spring or a crystal pool. With the help of this handsome Police Officer at a road block we reset our direction for a detour.
The sign showing the detour to the right it is about 10km off our route and it better be a good detour.
A coconut and durian stall that attracted our attention on a super hot day to quench our thirst with its coconut drink. A friendly customer offered us to taste their Thai durian, frankly speaking I prefer our own Malaysian durian, the one I tried was hard and does not have the oomph.
We continued to pedalled seeking for the hot spring, we were in the mood to check into a private resort as we were enticed by an ads at the roadside. The road was a crusher run road it was dusty and not so pleasant to ride on. We reached a public hot spring but gave it a pass and proceeded to seek for the village resort instead.
The road to the resort seem to be far we nearly gave up but were later comforted by an oncoming pickup on the proximity of the resort. Eventually we saw several welcoming signages like this.
A twin sharing room for 1500baht inclusive of hot spa, neck & shoulder massage and breakfast.
The room for 3 persons where was a contest for the loudest snorer between Joe & Roger and the judge was Kit. The winner was announced on the following morning and the the winner was none other than Roger.
The chalets we were staying in the remote part of Khlong Thom.
At the main entrance of Weererak Hot Spring Resort. We were on our way to the hot spring while waiting for our appointment for our spa and massage treatment.
There were no other guest seen at the hot pool except for ourselves the water was really hot. It was ridiculous dipping ourselves in the hot water on a hot day.
Here we were ready for our scheduled treatment, we looked like Thai fighters awaiting for our mission.
We had to shower first, then cleansed with some local concoction of coconut milk before dipping into the hot and cold pools.
Obediently we took instructions to shift from one pool to another experiencing the different feel of temperature in the name of  rejuvenating and cleansing our pores.
The session was over and we had our own time in the pool for as long we like.
Roger relaxing amidst the nice and quiet surrounding.
Later in the evening we took our dinner at restaurant before the place turned dark.
The route we took from Wang Wiset to Wareerak Hot Spring Resort taking a distance of 57km.
Our day struggle ....

A clip of our hot spring drip.

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