Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Day 8 & 9 - Recuperating at Khlong Thom, Krabi Thailand

Two of our friends were down with diarrhea, one had to be hospitalised while the other preffered to rest at the motel. The night before was full of anxieties, we went through the moments of emergency that we never thought of and it was surely a lesson well learnt.
Andrew was admitted to the Klong Thom Hospital and he was in good care. We had to check out from Wareerak Hot Spring Resort to a place closer to the hospital. We wish to thank the staff of Wareerak for arranging transport for us to shift our stuff and bicycles to Khlong Thom.
The second vehicle that took us to out of Wareerak.
Earlier in the morning Roger & Kit had arranged for our next accommodation at Sweet Dream Motel at Khlong Thom for 390baht per night.
It is nicely hidden among the oil palm trees and most importantly it was close to Khlong Thom town.
A typical motel room with an attached bathroom and a space big enough for our bicycles too.
Since we were not going to cycle much for the day, I did some simple chores and uploaded some photos in the internet.
Our meals were basically at the nearby Khlong Thom where we could observe the local Thais carrying out their daily activities.
Moving from one place to another with our bicycles were such a breeze instead of having to walk or hailing a tuktuk.
Joe & Kit were on their way back from the hospital to the motel.
Andrew was actually warded to a maternity ward in order to be bedded in a VIP ward instead of a "war like" ward with over crowded patients and visitors. For that we wish to thank the Thai staff for their kind understanding and providing a better facility to Andrew.
Parking our bicycles outside the hospital where we chained the bikes together. Andrew was showing sign of good recovery. 
Our dinner at one of the eateries at the main road and the food was always nice and delicious.
This is the grandson of the owner of Sweet Dream Motel, this kid is such a cute boy he knows what to do on a super hot day.
I took the opportunity to shave my head at a local barber shop and the damage was 700baht.
I was trying to figure out the source of a cranking noise probably from the bottom bracket.
We stayed at Klong Thom for 2 nights until Andrew was discharged and able to continue the journey.

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