Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Cycle Taiwan Day 10 Kaohsiung to Liuqiu Island

Breakfast was taken care by Long Siang Hotel for Day 10. Everything was in order and we were ready to continue the journey to further south.
Long Siang Hotel is located at 76-98, Liwen Road,ZuoyingDistrictKaohsiung City, Taiwan GPS : 81322.664494, 120.304725 and a short walking distance to Kaohsiung Arena Metro Station.
We took a metro train from Kaohsiung Arena Station to Siaogang and started cycling to Donggang Wharf.
There was a dedicated bicycle path on certain stretch of the route and it was lovely to ride on with friendly canopy around. At the vicinity of Xiaogang District.
Our destination was Donggang Wharf where we will be crossing over to a small island called Liuqiu.
A pit stop at a betel nut shop for a drink and it was so nice of the people next door offering us chairs to sit. Later we found out that it is a community centre where we could see elderly people coming in to collect their allowances at Section 1, Yanhai Road GPS : 22.499684, 120.404397
Along Route 17 heading for Donggang Ferry Terminal.
Crossing Donggang Bridge東港大橋 GPS 22.477822, 120.459255 as we were approaching Dongliu Ferry Terminal 東琉線船運服務中心
At the end of of Donggang Bridge we stopped for a group photo session.
The red Jinde Bridge crossing while we were at Dongganghedi Park,  Bo'ai Street, Donggang Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan GPS : 92822.470760, 120.451335
Pushing our bicycles to the ferry and Xiaoliuqiu here we come. The return fare was NTD400 and our bikes have to be covered to escape being charged.
In less than half an hour we have arrived at the island of Liuqiu.
We were expecting to meet local people (mostly ladies) waiting for visitors to arrived and offer the homestay (minsu) for rent. 
A short ride to the homestay with a steep climb near the wharf as the land lady scooter-ed her way up easily.
We were skeptical about the arranged and we followed the lady to her "minsu" Greenie Homestay and at last agreed upon the offer with a damage of NTD3,500 for the night stay.
Lunch at happy Restaurant
One of the best activities of the day was renting scooters to explore the island. I really enjoyed it very much and it has been a long time since I rode a motorcycle.
Robert paired with Anne while Jotaro and Fenn on another bike. We visited this Chinese temple 小琉球碧雲寺 at GPS : 22.338005, 120.369925
As we were enjoying the motorcyle ride we bumped into a couple on their Brompton on a uphill struggle.
We made a complete round of the island and also cutting across it making full use of the bikes. Some of the scenery was awesome. This was at Guanyin Rock 觀音石 GPS : 22.322750, 120.361277.
Also near Guanyin Rock there is Rat Rock 老鼠岩.
There are a few spots for viewing pavilions for viewing sunset as we went around the coast to visit each and every of them.
At the Sun Set Pavilion 落日亭 GPS : 22.324793, 120.353613
It was great fun trying to get a good shoot from the coast.
Picking a wild flower for the sunset.
As it was getting dark  we came this this last attraction known as the Vase Rock 花瓶岩 GPS : 22.355384, 120.380941 before going for a dinner at Jiamei Restaurant in the town centre.

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