Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Cycle Taiwan Day 16 - Another Day to Explore Hualien

Good morning Hualien !!! The hotel we stayed for 2 nights. Chan Tai Hotel 阡台大飯店 GPS : 23.991464, 121.602753 on Guolian 1st Road.
Not too far from our hotel we entered into a tunnel at Zhongshan Road going underneath a railway line. GPS : 23.989607, 121.599643
With the help of a local while waiting at a traffic light we asked for direction for a place to eat. We found this market with a  eating stall.  They were selling economy rice and porridge. The dishes look good and yummy.
The market is located at Guofu 5th Street GPS : 23.990238, 121.598888 
My choice for the morning was porridge with a variety of lovely dishes. It was so good.
After a good breakfast I decided to do a loop starting by going down south of the city then towards the beach before going northwards until Chisingtan.
Our first visit was a huge temple 聖地慈惠堂總堂 at Cihui 3rd Street, Ji’an Township GPS : 23.977570, 121.585593 
The temple has an elaborated roof design and looking very grand. The plot of land is also big with ancillary buildings annexed to one another.  
It was a privilege to meet Mr. Goh the head of the temple whom persistently asking us to visit the upper floors of the temple. He gave a good briefing of the temple in Hokkien and also mentioned that the temple does provide accommodation for travellers.
Mr. Goh's calling card.
A view at Shen An Temple next to it as viewed from the fifth floor.
A closer view at Shen An Temple.
We spent a fair bit of time here and was time to see other places in Hualien.
A few metres from the temple we found a river with nice bicycle path leading us towards the coast. GPS : 23.966232, 121.597658 at the crossing (Dongli 11th Street).
At the end of the river where it meets the sea we stumbled into a red painted bridge. It looks new and attractive. GPS : 23.962949, 121.605963 which connected us into a park by the sea.
Some said it's like Haiwaii with the strong wind, strong tides and at times the misty seawater flying upon you. We were here at Nanbin Park 南濱公園 GPS : 23.966353, 121.610274
Generally the park is divided into two sections: North (Beibin) and South (Nanbin) Seashore Park. A bicycle path runs through the park and along the coast up to Qixingtan Beach (Chisingtan).
Another picture frame at Nanbin Park.
The angry waves hitting the water breaker, so dramatic that it attracted photographers waiting patiently with their camera stands to capture good shots.
The northern park at Beibin Park 北濱公園 GPS : 23.978348, 121.618129. We were having so much fun with the attractions on the park.
At the front entrance of Beibin Park coming from the main road of Route 193. Just imagine the same Route 193 we struggled the other day comes all the way here.
Crossing a timber framed bridge known as Shuguang Bridge as we were heading towards the Hualien Harbour. GPS : 23.979581, 121.618305 
Passing by Hualien Harbour with some part of the trail on timber boarded platform which is also part of Route 193.
The path continued to Chisingtan Beach.
We turned off Route 193 into a small path for bicycle to get closer to the sea.
The narrow and secluded trail is cycle-able but at less 2 spots with damaged probably due to the strong sea waves. Not a problem at all we just need to dismount and push our bikes a bit.
Occasionally we stopped for a few awesome views and enjoyed the sea breeze.
Our lunch at the Family Mart at Chisingtan Beach. GPS : 24.026533, 121.630468
The wind was getting stronger and stronger as we left Hualien Der-Yen beach 七星潭飛機導航燈塔.
On Minyou Street somewhere near Hualien Airport.
We turned back somewhere here at GPS : 24.037608, 121.604491 trying to locate for a train station.
We found Beipu Station but decided to cycle back to the city instead of taking the train.
We followed a road initially along the railway track and ventured further into the inner roads confidently that it will bring us back to the city.
Somehow we were used to position ourselves at boxes like this whenever we want to make a turning on a busy junction. That's a brilliant system in Taiwan as experienced by us.
Little did we realise that it only took us 8km to come back to the city. A stop at this bakery shop for some interesting pineapple buns.
Back to the hotel where our bicycles were all parked at the ground floor. It was an interesting day and a loop full of continuous adventures.
Dinner was at the shop opposite the hotel some fried noodle and rice. We also had a good conversation with lady boss whom she have friends in Malaysia and love Malaysia.
Day 16 - Another Day in Hualien for an interesting 34km loop.

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