Thursday, December 07, 2017

Cycle Taiwan Day 11 Liuqiu Island to Kenting

Good morning Xiao Liuqiu we took the scooters out again for a brief spin and breakfast. Here we were again at the Vase Rock for a lovely morning view.
After the breakfast we returned the scooters and all packed to leave the island. Goodbye Greenie "minsu".
The last time in the street of Xiao Liuqiu as we rolled to the Ferry Terminal.
We bumped into out minsu landlady and we shall remember her for chanting "Love you love you 爱你 爱你 Malaysian". Her son helped us to take this photo.
At Tungliu Ferries Joint Sercive Centre and we took the 9am ferry.
The distance from Liuqiu Island to Donngang Ferry Terminal is about 18km away.
All set at Donggang and let's hit the road again.
Getting away from the main road we found secondary roads for the ride.
The weather was wonderful as we enjoyed the scenery of the outskirt Taiwan.
We were on the right track to Nanzhou Town where we will catch a train to Dawu.
At a traffic light stop as approaches Nanzhou.
After 9km ride we were at the small town of Nanzhou.
The train fare NTD26 from Nanzhou Station to Fangliao Station.
We had a good meal at Tan Ma Ma Shop 陳媽媽肉圓 and dumplings were different and awesome.
Tan Ma Ma Shop is located opposite Nanzhou Station at Renli Road GPS : 22.492027, 120.511489
Another tough time carrying our bikes and luggage up and down the staircases to the platform. And finally the train arrived.
The train service in Taiwan is efficient and reliable. The only dislike is we have to bagged our bikes whenever we embark on a train if not it will be imposed an additional fare.
At Fangliao Station 枋寮車站 GPS : 22.367886, 120.594990
All ready to go to the southern most tip of Taiwan Island at Kenting.
We were surprised to meet Aroha and Alan on the road again. The last time we met this Melbourne couple was at Nantou Bus Terminal, Kaohsiung. They were on their way to Checheng.
The wide motor cycle is always securing us along our journey.
Lovely view of the vast South China Sea with good road laid in front of us.
Taiwan people is really friendly always giving us encouragement to ride on. 加油! 加油!
Familiar face of Taiwanese celebrity on the bill board.
Another stop at 7-11 outlet located at the junction of Delong and Route 1 GPS : 22.194768, 120.691934
The route was getting strenuous with the head wind as we pedalled along the coast line.
A pit stop for Taiwanese dessert at a shop at Ren'ai Road, Checheng Township
Pingtung County GPS : 94422.074668, 120.713883
The sky was already getting dark and Kenting never seem to be any where near. Finally we reached Kenting town and was approached by a lady on a scooter offering her "minsu" homestay. After much deliberation we finally followed her. It turned out to be a pretty nice place and we stayed for 2 nights.
Kenting Sea Cloudless Day Homestay for a charge of NTD300 each per person per night.
The night market 墾丁夜市 of Kenting is found at the town itself on the main road and it was near to the place we stayed. A walk to the night market to experience the environment and hunt for our meal.
Kenting night market is happening, full of visitors and many interesting to see.
We went in a noodle shop 牛肉三牛肉麵 for our dinner. A good night after a long tough day.
The route we took and out of 89km which included a 20km train ride.

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