Sunday, December 10, 2017

Cycle Taiwan Day 14 Taitung to Yuli

Breakfast was provided by Long Xing Hotel, it was a pre-packed simple breakfast and we ate it outside the hotel. The weather was slightly cold but nice.
Off we went to Taitung Train Station and was greeted by an astonishing statue at the entrance. Our plan was to get into the inner side of Eastern Taiwan rather than on the coastline facing Pacific ocean.
We were happy to see an escalator in the station.
The train fare to Luye Station is NTD21 per person (approximately 25km away from Taitung).
In front of Luye Station, Luye 鹿野 is a tea producing area which is under the county of Taitung. And we have successfully bypassed the hilly climb and were set to cycle again.
The weather and road condition remained good and perfect for cycling.
We passed by many single storey houses by the roadside with interesting and bright painting of mostly depicting the culture of the natives.
And more painting along the way.
Continuing heading towards the north where we were expecting to visit Guanshan and Chishang.
A few stalls selling sugar juice by the road side.
The golden field of Taitung producing the best rice in Taiwan and the scene is awesome.
The rice field is everywhere and we hope to get closer or maybe visit one of them.
Arriving at the town of Guanshan, the time was about 12.20pm we might as well take our lunch here. 
Our meaty lunch at a shop known as 香港良記燒臘店 at Heping Road near the train station (GPS :  23.045763, 121.163302) which was serving Hong Kong roasted chicken, roasted duck, siew yok and vegetables with plain rice.
From the Hong Kong BBQ shop we used a road beside it to go into the inner part of Guanshan which we hope to locate the first bicycle trail in Taiwan. Upon getting closer to the field we just could not resist us to get inside.
We went round and round the area slowly positioning ourselves towards north.
The inner Guanshan is quiet and serene with village houses and their small gardens beside the vast pady fields.
Meeting one of the folks on his motorised trolley in Guanshan village.
We were glad to find Taiwan first bicycle trail.
Guanshan bicycle trail was the first bicycle path in Taiwan and it is well maintained, we spend some time on the trail. The setting with matured trees, mountains behind and paddy field is such a fabulous scene.
This part of route 9 of the cycling trail runs along the Taiwan Railway line as and when you feel like taking train you can just find the nearest station and alight on one.
After crossing Chishang Bridge on Route 9 of the cycling trail we noted several signs indicating places of interest in the paddy field. We saw one written in English "Mr. Brown's Avenue" and that lead us into another golden field for more fabulous time.
Our timing was perfect we came at when the field was gold in colour.
I wish I own this paradise.
With the mountains at the backdrop is such a marvel.
Let's dance to the rhythm of this beautiful place.
This time we were looking for the slanting white picture frames in the paddy field as posted by a friend, so where is it.....
The field is really big, the hunt continued and as if we have conquered the territory.
A cafe in the middle of the padi field known as 21 Life House which can be found at GPS : 23.092128, 121.211879.
We stopped by for a tea at this cosy cafe. Photo credit : Anne Cheong.
There you are! Let's be framed.
Let me introduce you, this is Mr. Brown and his coffee. He and Mr. Takeshi Kaneshiro (金城 武) whom have made this place so popular that everyone wants to come and visit it.
We have spent hours at the paddy field and time was running late, we had to move on. After much consideration we decided to take a train to Yuli for the night.
We read about a popular lunch box in relation to the railway line and it could be found in this town. Hence we went asking for it and found the shop.
 The lunch box at 家鄉池上飯包 shop near Chishang train station selling at NTD80 per box. The box is made of thin plywood and is located at  Zhongzheng Road GPS : 23.125691, 121.219872
Chishang Train Station is newly renovated and is one of the most beautiful stations we have visited.
The train fare from Chishang to Yuli is NTD38 per person. The distance apart is about 30km.
The interior of the station is clad with timber finish looking more like an old church.
We arrived at Yuli Station around 7.30pm and the hotel we were eyeing was less than 100metres away from the station.
We checked into a 瓦拉米客棧 Hotel at Datong Road, Yuli Township GPS : 23.331661, 121.312428. The room rate was NTD1,000.
After visiting a night market at Yuli we decided to eat in a shop instead of at the roadside and we found the famous Yuli noodles at 玉里麵馬蓋先美食Guangfu Road GPS : 23.331433, 121.314514
Day 14 where we took a train to Luye and cycled to Chishang for a distance of 47km

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