Friday, December 08, 2017

Cycle Taiwan Day 12 - A Day Exploring Kenting on Scooter

Four of us rented 2 scooters for the day with a fare of NTD600 per unit. While Anne & Robert preferred to explore with their Bromptons. After a simple breakfast at Kenting main town we approached our nice land lady to hire her scooters from her. By right you need to show your International License in order to be able to hire one, but we could not produce any as we were not prepared for it. Anyhow our nice land lady closed one eye for our favour. Kamsia Kamsia.
Our first stop was at Little Bay Beach 小灣沙灘 GPS : 21.941788, 120.804876
At the entrance of Little Bay Beach.
A few brief stops before we went to the southern most tip of Taiwan were like Shadao 砂島 GPS : 21.914394, 120.847342
We parked the scooters at the entrance near a car parking area and walk to the tip.
The walk was relaxing with nice thick canopy along the path.
Finally we were here at the southern most tip of Taiwan.
And the monument next to it.
One more for the album.
As we rode around the route there were small and cute cottage houses seen, some are restaurants and cafe.
We stopped by at this little small access earth road to a cliff somewhere at GPS: 21.922355, 120.854029 known as Longpan 龍磐 Park, the wind was very strong and the view was magnificent.
The wind was so strong that it could blow off your cap away if you are not careful.
Longpan Park
To the strong wind transform us into the Power Rangers .......
Further up of Longpan came a place with sandy wind where you could actually feel the sand hitting onto your face and it is called Fengchuisha 風吹沙 GPS : 21.947300, 120.838718

Gangkou Suspension Bridge
屏東滿州港口吊橋 GPS : 21.988211, 120.841791
One of the several shops at this commercial corner of Gangkou
We decided to try this shop, Chashan Beef Noodle Restaurant
茶山牛肉麵 GPS : 21.989704, 120.841935
The menu on the wall for your reference.
I like the idea of this gadget for holding used plastic wrappers, often these wrappers will be flying all over the place.
My choice of an Ecomony rice what we called as "chap fan" in Kuala Lumpur.
We continued the anti clockwise loop towards the western side of the tip.
After cutting across the southern tip from east to west we stopped by at a park in the vicinity of Longluantan Nature Center 龍鑾潭自然中心 before coming to this Baisha Beach GPS : 21.936279, 120.717618. The beach where director Ang Lee shot scenes of "Life of Pi".
At the southern tip on the western side with nice blue sea water, rugged rock formation and lovely breeze. This place is known as the Moubitou Park. 
A shopping arcade at Moubitou Park with enticing street food that you could not resist. 
The beauty of this nature formation is absolutely outstanding and worth the time and money to visit it.
Maobitou Park
貓鼻頭公園 can be found at GPS : 21.922288, 120.737514
A gorgeous length of rocky coastline with clear waving blue water.
The pavilion for visitors to have a good view of the surrounding.
Bye bye beautiful Moubitou it was time to go back to our "minsu".
We passed by Hengchun Fishing Building at Houbihu GPS : 21.945463, 120.743990 and later I found out that it used to be a small fishing village. The place is rich in fishing resources with Pacific Ocean and Bashi Channel meeting each other which is ideal place for fishing. Houbihu is the biggest fishing port in Kenting National Park and also a tourism attraction.
After a short rest at the homestay we walked to the night market to have our desired delicacy.
And the delicacy we were eyeing was "3 cup chicken" 三杯雞 Sān bēi jī. Why it's called as such because traditionally this dish is cooked with 3 cups: 1 cup of soy sauce, 1 cup of rice wine, and 1 cup of sesame oil ~ hence the '3 cups'. We had other food besides it.Photo credit : Anne Cheong.
The route anticlockwise route we took with scooters with a distance of 68km.

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