Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Cycle Taiwan Day 9 Tainan to Kaohsiung

That's Fuh Dih Hotel in the morning and off we went towards Kaohsiung.
Another beautiful on a Sunday morning.
Somewhere at Dalin Road, Tainan as we were slowly leaving the city.
Cycling among the local elderly is common and nice to ride along with them.
Apollo Fountain Plaza,
Wenhua Road, Rende District
Tainan GPS : 22.934763, 120.221973 where the Chimei Museum is found. 

The bridge over Erren River with red arches on top the service pipes strikingly painted in red. GPS : 22.915346, 120.225878 

A temple at Yongan District. 

Along Lane 7 of Yongda Road GPS : 22.835776, 120.216587 to check what is laid beyond us. 

Kaohsiung’s Yongan District Office (永安) and a local non-governmental organization (NGO) have invited students and staff from the Tungfang Design Institute to help decorate old houses in the city’s Yantian Borough (鹽田) to promote the former salt- producing community as a cultural tourism destination GPS : 22.834155, 120.208266 

Houses on Sinsing Street (新興街) have been painted with murals depicting scenes from the township’s bygone days of salt manufacturing, such as workers laboring on the salt pans and police chasing salt thieves. 

The borough’s old-fashioned red-brick houses and their saddle-shaped roofs are particularly appealing to tourists. 

Visitors queued to visit the township’s last running gamadiam (柑仔店) — the Hoklo (commonly known as Taiwanese) word for an old-fashioned corner store. 

We were fortunate to stumbled into this marvellous painted community of a history salt village

Apparently the district office has also prepared the Salt Village Artifacts Exhibition where visitors who want to see for themselves what work on the salt pans was really like can try their hand pushing around salt carts laden with a worker’s average load. 

After spending quite a fair bit of time at Yantian Borough (鹽田), it was time for us to leave the village. 

Along the river of Agongdian River
阿公店 河 

A queue at the shop for a set menu pack meal, nothing more and nothing less. 

Our share of the lunch in boxes with roasted pork and chicken, tofu and veggie. 

Aunty Roast Shop 阿姑燒臘便當 located at 岡山區 GPS : 22.796535, 120.285893 

Wuli Bridge 五里林橋 at GPS : 22.768482, 120.294503 over Dianbao River. 

The seven colour piers of a highway or known as the Raiwbow Highway found at GPS : 22.740959, 120.317500 

Nothing spectacular but a mere landmark for cyclists to know their position of the tour. 

After 48km of cycling we have reached Kashsiun Metro park and took a rest before we proceed. Later we just rode to nearest Metro station and head for the city centre. 
From Metropolitan Station we stopped at  Xin Zuoying Station
新左營站 and continued our ride to look for Long Siang Hotel.

We disembarked a few stations too early before we could get to the hotel. 
In the evening after checking in the hotel we went to Ruireng Night Market but could not get a place to sit as it was crowded. We bought some food and took back to the hotel and eat. After our dinner we went for a evening ride at Love River.
The Love River or Ai River 愛河 is a river in southern Taiwan, it originates in Renwu District, Kaohsiung City and flows 12 kilometers through Kaohsiung to Kaohsiung Harbor.
The Love River was once heavily polluted, when raw sewage and industrial waste water flowed untreated into the river. Recent efforts by the city government to divert the waste water to the treatment plant in Cijin District has resulted in significantly improved water quality.
Good night Kaohsiung see you tomorrow.
Day 9 Tainan to Kaohsiung where we cycled on 60km.

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