Thursday, January 10, 2008

Curry Mee @ Brunei Utara Pudu

This stall seems to be another popular stall selling Curry Mee and Wan Tan Mee situated at Jalan Brunei Utara. Judging by the number of helpers at this stall, the outlet must be popular and doing well in their business. This is the second encounter of curry mee in this area. My previous posting of curry mee at Pudu is at a stall along Jalan Brunei Selatan, this time is Jalan Brunei Utara.
The Sui-kow is freshly prepared and huge pots of stock can be seen at the stall.
The ingredient of curry mee such as brinjal, mint leaves, and others are seen well prepared, arranged and ready for business.
My small stomach has already filled with dim sum earlier and can not consume anymore but will definitely try this Curry Mee in the near future. We packed a few packets of Wan Tan Mee back home for the kids.

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Jason said...

I log in to your blog, and that day I purposely visit this stall during my trip to Pudu to taste the curry mee, unfortunately, the taste is extreamely weird. I cannot even explain what other taste had been added in.