Monday, January 21, 2008

Noodles @ Lake Titiwangsa Hideout

Have you ever wonder there is a such hideout for noodles in Titiwangsa, just near Eye of Malaysia.
Yes, this unique place camouflaged with thick vegetation and huge trees and having been operating at the same spot for decades.They have good curry mee, wan tan mee, lo shi fun, roti bakar, etc etc….

A narrow passage into the hideout.

Always crowded with customers during peak hours. Open very early in the morning (before 7.00am)

Typical table set up.

A bowl of RM3.50 Lo Si Fun, cheap & good.

If you are coming from Pahang roundabout turning into Jalan Kuantan, look for the first turning to the left, i.e. Jalan Maran.

The stall will be found at the left side of a sharp turning.

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