Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Steamed Fish Head @ Taynton View

This is an interesting hide out which I have discovered lately for lunch in the vicinity of Cheras. If you are coming from the city of Kuala Lumpur traveling south bound along Jalan Cheras and make your way to Taynton View,

somewhere near Federal Institute of Technology also known as F.I.T.
You will see or might hit these road names and watch out for this sign at a side lane in front of F.I.T. and you are about less than 50 metres near the stall.Basically the eatery stall is situated between Taman Connaught and Taynton View. It is just at the back lanes of these two housing schemes.
Steamed Fish Head “Soong Yee” with black bean and ginger.
Steamed Fish Head “Soong Yee” with preserved bean paste.
Stir fried spinach with garlic.
Steamed bean curd with dried shrimps.
A claypot of Vinegar pork trotter.

The place is very crowded with patrons during lunch hours, the food is tasty and the pricing is very reasonable. Come Sundays and Saturdays it is open for business.


Anonymous said...

about the picture of the FIT
just to tell u that no FIT anymore now its become UCSI^^

Sin Tai Lim said...

Thanks for the update.