Monday, January 14, 2008

Penang Curry Mee @ Desa Hartamas

Only on Monday Curry Mee is served and nothing else, you got no other choices but only this special curry mee from Penang. If you do not stomach this stuff go elsewhere for your meal.
This unique place is a prime piece of vacant land sited at Desa Hartamas used not only for this eatery stall but also serves as a car parking provider. The place is run by a lovely couple obviously from Penang, you can tell by the way they speak their Hokkien.
In the bowl of noodle, there are cuttle fish, tau pok, mint leaves, fried prawns, cockles, bean sprouts and blood cubes (optional only upon request). The curry used is the original style of Penang which is whitish in colour and different from the curry of other states of Malaysia.
This eating place is located at bend of Jalan Sri Hartamas 22 where you can also see a distinguish fitness centre known as True Fitness at the opposite side of the bend.
As for Tuesday to Thursday only Penang Loh Mee is served and Friday you can get Penang Prawn Mee and lately they included Loh Mee by popular demand. Saturday and Sunday stay away from that place, it is closed.
This is the pot of blood cubes.

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