Sunday, January 20, 2008

Wan Tan Mee @ SS2, Petaling Jaya

This is one famous Wan Tan Mee stall at SS2 Petaling Jaya. This coffee shop Restoran Okay was packed with patrons and no other stall operating during the daytime. By evening other operators would take over the business for other delicacies.
There were people standing and waiting in front of the stall for their takeaway orders.
The wantans were delicious coupled with the tasty soup. Guess you really find real stock instead of MSG in it, that makes the difference.
Added chicken into the serving making it a RM6.00 Wan Tan Mee.
The stall got to be protected from the blazing sunset with big umbrellas.
Make your way there the next time you are around this neighbourhood.
The master at work.
This coffee shop is located at the other extreme end of Kayu Nasi Kandar's row, SS2/10.

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