Sunday, May 25, 2008

4th Day @ Abu Dhabi

A morning spectacular sea view from my room.
Driver Shabib came with a H3 Hummer 4WD & took us to a fish souk (a fish market). I do not why the stench in the market is strong that my colleague refused to enter the premise, maybe it is due to the hot weather. It was really smelly……
We had 1 hour to kill before our next appointment, we visited another mall in AD, Khalidiyah Mall.
Our appointment with Allan Tan at this Japanese Restaurant “Wasabi”. This is our second visit to this restaurant, the food is good and it serves PORK. We had a lot to shared on matters in AD.
Our next appointment was with a Chinese Contractor, Mr. Xie whom is interested in supplying Chinese workers for construction works. He took us to Al Reem Island where he showed us his work site.
Cables for post tensioning in the slab.
This is at level 28 of the building with spectacular view of Abu Dhabi and its shoreline.
Aluminum formwork system is being used here, “Mirvan”.
This slab design is a flat slab design with minimum steel bars, as steel prices have rocketed high till contractors are heavily wounded.
Tower crane per tower with a pump concrete nozzle.
Concrete pump used to pump up the concrete to as high as 30 plus storeys.
Phum Ang Kia has been complaining about the heat @ Abu Dhabi, temperature was 47 degree. The weather will be worse come August, as high as 52 degree. That is why we see a lot of Arabs in Malaysia during this time.
This is how he looks after the site visit.

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Julian Si said...

Great shots of your work, cheers from Mussafah!