Sunday, May 18, 2008

Seafood @ Port Klang

A group of 11 of us ventured into an exploration to North Port of Klang and we have zoomed in to visit "Restoran Port Village Seafood". It is located near the Port Klang Golf Club, an area called Tanjung Harapan.

On the jetty walkway to the eating place.
This restaurant is sitting on a suspended platform over looking into the sea, part of Strait of Malacca.

Scene of the sea view.

Mr. Teoh Ah Geok posting next to the Aquarium.

Part of our entourage.

The crowd on a Sunday lunch.

Me & my boys...

Local coconut..

Deep fried Mantis Prawns

Oysters Omelette.. a disappointment... with little & small oysters in it.

Stir fried taipoca leaves with belacan.

Fried Beehon with lala... the lala are hidden underneath the noodle.

Steamed Pompret with Beehon, this is an expensive dish...

Sweet & sour crabs.

Cheese flavoured crabs (nothing beat the one @ King Crab).

Verdict: if you need to travel a long distant for seafood, you need not go to this place, you can get it in P.J. or K.L., moreover it's not cheap even though it's at the sea where the seafood supposed to be fresh & way.... our damage for this lunch was RM431.20.....

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