Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Cars of Abu Dhabi

These are the cars on the road of Abu Dhabi, relatively cheap and no road tax at all........
All kind of every available car on the globe.

Illegal parking seen everywhere as parking space is scarce.

One thing for sure the cars found on the roads of Abu Dhabi or maybe in any Arab land is definitely of great envy. In Abu Dhabi Suvs are very popular.

Cars are cheap and no road tax required. in AD in amounts on the cars is every increasing problem of car parking has becpme acute. Note these illegal parking habit which is rampant everywhere. But there was a few instances that I was informed of police issuing summons for illegal parking.Talking about police, please do not think of ‘settlement' with police. Don't try in Ad & Dubai. These policemen are all well taken care by the government hence your attempt will back fire with you ended up behind bars.

this car like me....

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